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For over sixteen years the public has asked questions about 9/11: What did airline insiders know?

Retired senior flight attendant and international purser Rebekah Roth along with a team of aviation experts  and a terabyte of Freedom of Information Act data, uncover shocking details never before discovered.   

You may never again believe news presented on your television after reading this trilogy.
"Methodical Illusion is an important book. For the first time, it brings the inside knowledge of airline and FAA protocols of a 30-year flight attendant to bear on cutting the Gordian Know of two of the most difficult and disturbing unanswered questions of 9/11: What really happened to the planes and the passengers? It won't be long before you are inside Roth's character as they uncover and connect real dots and are forced to a shocking conclusion that may take us all a giant step closer  to the Truth."

                     ~~ Barbara Honegger, former White House Policy Analyst & Dept. of Defense Sr Military Affairs Journalist 2000-2011
"Rebekah has written a thrilling book that is sure to be both entertaining and informative. She presents the salient facts of 9/11 in an intriguing and interesting way. Rebekah uses her knowledge of flight attendant procedure and does a brilliant job of unraveling the enigma of the cell phone calls, why, when and where they were made." 

                                                                                                  ~~ K.K. American Airlines Pilot (ret.)              
"Masterfully written using an elusive yet perfect blend of intrigue and fact, Rebekah Roth offers a gripping account of indispensable factual details of the most horrifically historic event of our lifetimes. The events as seen and described through the eyes of a seasoned airline professional will certainly cause turbulence to your otherwise clear-air normalcy bias. It is very important history and elegantly written."

                                                                                               ~~ Douglas J. Hagmann, Host, The Hagmann & Hagmann Report
"Of all the theories conveyed to me over the years, and of all the sometimes fanciful notions regarding everything from remote viewing of the set-up to directed energy fulfilling the mission, and however willing I may be and may have been to embrace certain aspects of them, the fact is Rebekah Roth's "Methodical Illusion" makes the most sense by a quantum leap. It is so powerful that I suspect a number of complicit parties are very worried that their "Methodical Illusion" is about to unravel and justice may at last be done." 

                                                                                     ~~ John B. Wells, Host, Caravan to Midnight
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 Airline employee discovers what happened on 9/11!
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